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​​At Stephanie J. Beavers Communications, we believe that if something is worth writing, it is worth writing well. Your business, professional, and individual reputation and image rely on written content, messaging, and communications that are clear, concise, and free of errors.

Our goal? To improve, enhance, and refine your written image.  

​​We provide writing and editing services for businesses, professionals, authors, students, and anyone who writes. Our strong business and communications background means we possess the skills and expertise to ensure your content - web, business documents, blogs, email and other correspondence, dissertation, book, training and personnel manuals, etc. - meet the common C's of written communications: correct, clear, concise, coherent/cohesive, complete, consistent, courteous.    

Stephanie J. Beavers Communications

​​Our latest publication:
Little Boy Big World - The true story of Hayat, a boy growing up in war-torn Afghanistan. His story covers adolescence to young adulthood and depicts family life, the struggles against a violent regime, and the fight for education. Hayat loves his family and best friend deeply. One event opens Hayat’s eyes to a terrifying reality which he must overcome. He soon joins his father’s work and grows up quickly.   

"After reading this book, your view of your own world will never be the same again."