Stephanie J. Beavers Communications

Stephanie was perfect! She knows what she's doing and she was helpful, professional, and able to meet deadlines. She works very hard and treats clients' work as if it were her own. I would definitely use her services again.
​- Ann Fishman, President, Generational-Targeted Marketing, LLC.

Stephanie did an excellent job editing various documents. Not only was her editorial work very good, she demonstrated her broad knowledge of the business world, as reflected in some of her edits.
​- Zewud D.

I have been working with Stephanie over the last few months on multiple topics for our online content. Her writing style and professionalism has been a tremendous asset for our team. Stephanie has the unique ability to take nothing more than an idea or concept and turn it into a well-written piece for our marketing needs. She is a joy to work with and always delivers on-time and within budget. I would highly recommend Stephanie for any organization needing a creative writer for clear and engaging content.
​- Wendy Madonna, Marketing Director 

Stephanie helped me out on an editing job when my workload had become too unwieldy. As a professional editor myself, my standards are quite high, and Stephanie met every one of them. She worked quickly and competently and was more than reasonable regarding cost. She really saved my bacon when I found myself in a difficult time crunch. Thank you, Stephanie!
​- Chris Bayer, Professional Copyeditor at CJB Editing

Stephanie does great work. I have used her content writing services for some of my clients. My clients were always happy with her work and so was I. I would strongly recommend Stephanie to anyone who needs any content written. 
- Dave A. DiPaolo, Digital Marketing Specialist - Maximus Internet Marketing

Stephanie is a great editor; extremely thorough and very fast! I appreciated her diligence and kindness during the process, which, for a dissertation is very important! I highly recommend Stephanie! - Rebecca R., doctoral candidate

Have you had a teacher or professor who has had a significant influence on you? Stephanie has been one of those people for me. I am an author, and I am proud to say she has been my editor. Together we’ve published two novels (Murder at Breeze Canyon and Murders in the High Desert) with two other books in the pipeline. She has had a major influence on my writing and continues to teach and critique. She shoots for perfection and will settle only for excellence. I am very happy to have selected her from the dozens of editors available to me.
​- Tony Spallone

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